The 100 Day Challenge is a program designed to support and assist human development, evolution and transformation. It will support each participant who wishes for a change in one or more areas of his life.

Participants choose a start date for their 100 Day Challenge, an end date, their practices and intentions. During their season, the participants will share their joys, fears, challenges, moments of inspiration during their progression to reach the goal, and the intention they have set for themselves.

Each season lasts 100 days and allows you to learn from the previous season. Thus, it is possible to progress by learning daily about oneself, step by step, in mutual support and joy.

Why 100 days?

We need 21 days to create a habit, but 90 days to create a new lifestyle! This is the 21/90 rule. Recent research has shown that it takes an average of 90 days to anchor positive practices in our daily lives. If you make a habit of creating an intention at the beginning of the day, eating consciously every day, doing your daily checkup and listing your gratitude, then, beyond 90 days, it will be part of your life, your new lifestyle. Your life will be transformed! By creating this challenge, we decided to round this number up to 100! The 100 Days Challenge is born!


It was only in 2009 that Lilou made her first interview in French. This marked the beginning of a long series of interviews, seen by more than 60 million co-creators on topics around consciousness, development, neuroscience, shamanism, lucid dreaming and body exits. The more taboo the subject is, the more Lilou spread it. She wanted to bring the knowledge of the experts she interviews to the greatest audience, and she does! Creative, passionate, dynamic, in 10 years she developed an archive of more than 3000 interviews on La Télé de Lilou and Lilou Mace TV.

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