Lilou Macé, influential author and video blogger, is the source of numerous reports and video blogs, books, websites and testimonials. It was after meeting Oprah Winfrey, in November 2006, in Chicago, that Lilou went from video blogger to interviewer.

Since March 2006, Lilou’s web TV has become an international reference on the Internet, with millions of videos viewed ( and ), in French and American versions. Her interviews are translated into many languages.

My favorite interviews

wayne dyer’s leukemia & john of god’s healings on wayne – lilou’s juicy living

is there a life after life? anita moorjani is a living proof!!!!

nassim haramein – science behind the unified field & its applications

dr eben alexander: nde of a neurosurgeon showing us the deepest realms of super-physical existence

caroline myss – freedom of humbleness, finding your light, mystical path and grace

relationships: love what is – byron katie

dr joe dispenza – law of attraction the quantum way. creating change from the unknown

jack canfield : attracting dreams and success with law of attraction

cosmic grace! returning to source – drunvalo melchizedek part 1

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