Delicious co-creators,
What a joy to see this positive, inspiring and caring community grow and help each other. To evolve your life and the consciousness, you can’t be alone. The journey is long and it’s more FUN to do it all together.
To be a co-creator could be summed up in deciding to no longer undergo life, but to create with it, in joy and action. The community of co-creators started with the interviews of Lilou in which she welcomes her audience with “Hello my delicious co-creators”. It became real with the creation of the 100-day Challenge, and amplified by the many Facebook pages around the participants of the different themes of the 100-day Challenge and events that Lilou has deployed on France, Belgium and Switzerland for Celebrate life, the release of her books but also to offer documentaries and speakers she appreciates.


“It’s an accelerator for
my fulfillment!”

“A new start, ideal for me
who wanted to advance my life!”

“This allows me a better
understanding of myself
and others”


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